Make Twitter Yours

Meet Signal,
a quiet place in your Twitter universe.

Signal is a clean and powerful Twitter client for Android. Free of ads and visual clutter, it brings beauty and focus back to your timeline, so you can relax and enjoy peaceful reading.



Signal’s timeline is chronological, easy
to read, and content-driven. Most
controls are hidden until you actually
need them.

No Ads

Say goodbye* to fishy advertising.
All you should see is stuff from the
people you follow and
nothing more.

Fine Tuning

Customize tabs, read in full-screen,
tweak gestures, font size and
thumbnails to your taste. Or embrace
the defaults — they’re just fine.

Activity View

A live feed with mentions, likes,
quotes, retweets and followers,
combined or filtered by activity.
You won’t miss a ding.

Dark Mode

Dark tones and muted colors are
perfect for reading in low light. Not
only does it look sexy, it’s much easier
on your eyes and battery.

Profile Stats

Learn how many followers you gained
or lost since last visit. Keep sharing
awesome stuff to see the numbers

Mute Filters

Some words, hashtags, or domains
deserve to be muted. As do some
people. Crank their volume down
and enjoy the silence.

Powerful Search

Search thought the entire Twitter or
just your timeline — all without losing
your reading position. Find media,
links, tweets and users instantly.

"A breath of fresh air when you compare this to all the other existing 3rd party Twitter apps for Android."
Siebe W.
"Signal is the closest anyone has ever come to giving a feel like Tweetbot on iOS."
Aamir B.
"Love the looks of this app, especially the night mode. Btw, you must tap twice at the top to switch themes."
Roberto N.
"I stopped using twitter and instagram because of their stupid ads. In Signal there’s no ads at all so I’m back again, at least on twitter :)"
Daniel S.
"Now I see what they’re charging for. I’m happy to support you guys. Just donated a top tier, can I join the beta now?"
Ahmad E.
"Finally, Android now has a third-party Twitter app similar to Tweetbot on iOS. Cool stuff."
Pattah A.
"Works great for me thanks to powerful Mutes and beautiful Activity."
"The app is beautiful and shows incredible potential. I hope the dev sticks with it. So far, it's really fantastic."
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